There is no other Manufacturer Representatives for Heavy Duty Truck Parts that keeps the information flowing between manufacturers and customers like we do at Miller and Associates. We have all our catalogs, supplements, price sheets, promotions, and, demonstration videos available online and therefor on site at every meeting. This allows us to always have the necessary information at our finger tips. From the field, we can view product, quote prices, and, email pertinent information. We do this to make the buying decision for our customers as easy as possible, one of our founding philosophies:


Relationship Sales versus Transaction Sales:

We take pride in our relationships with our customers. This is part of our philosophy of make the buying decision as easy as possible for the customer. We often sell our products two times. We sell it once to the customer then we help our customers’ outside sales force sell the product to their customers. This is often defined as field work or fleet work. We are very good at this. We believe this is an integral part to our success and it is why we are one of the best in the business.

Our bi-lingual agency spends a minimum of 50 days a year in the field. This practice not only helps our customer sell our products but keeps us up to date on the needs of the end users. We relay this information back to the manufacturers which in turn creates new products.

We realize the inside sales force is just as important. We regularly train the inside sales force on new product. We explain how to identify potential sales targets. We suggest a sales approach specific to the product and specific to the sales target. We don’t just teach about the product we teach how to sell the product.


Merchandising has become more popular in our industry in the last 10 years. Miller and Associates understands the value of a display. We want the maximum exposure for our products in a distributors show room as possible. We build as many displays as possible to merchandise our products. The ultimate goal is to sell our products and displays definitely do that.


We make flyers for our customers. We understand the value of a sales flyer. Miller and Associates creates flyers all year long on behalf of its customers to help them sell our products.

Sales Training

Miller and Associates offers a full sales consultation program. With our extensive knowledge as the Manufacturer Representatives for Heavy Duty Truck Parts, we are the ideal candidates to consult on new products, existing products, new markets, and sales tactics. We can execute market research and deliver marketing and sales strategies. Big or small we can help you come into our market with a successful plan.